Flow Series


The spontaneous and organic lines of the Flow Series evoke a sense of constant change. It could be the flux between scalding liquid and cold earth in the lava flow, the transition from one thought to the next in the stream of consciousness, or the journey of youth and old-age in the movement of life. The series' abstraction is a metaphor for all things in flux including the seemingly unwavering land beneath our feet, which the series often calls to mind.

Stained Glass Botany Series


The Stained Glass Botany Series derives its name from the bold abstractions of the flowers and foliages that are the primary focus of the artworks in the collection. The photo-realistic botanical elements are juxtaposed with the stylized lines and colors inspired by the observations of often the same subjects. The series' usage of symbolism, color choice, and composition create a visual depth to invite the audience in for a tour of an exotic flower garden and to probe the mental boundaries between the reality and their perception of it.

My paintings combine abstraction and photorealism into the distinct style of abstract realism. This choice of subject and style invites the audience to explore the depth of the mind and the heart.

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